Wise Words from the Coach

ImageAs a teacher of high school seniors, this is the kind of wisdom I tried to pass on to my students. I wish I had this exact quote while teaching because it is so true. We would have discussion days with four topics that dealt with the next era in British literature that we were covering. The debates were fun, but I hope my students listened to the words I said. Now, as a public school teacher, I would’ve gotten in trouble with this quote because of Coach Bryant stressing a “relationship with God,” but it would’ve been worth it. Young people, and I’m not even sure I’m old enough to say “young people”, success isn’t handed to you. Hard work will EVENTUALLY bring success along with planning, dedication, determination, being kind and helpful to others, a little luck, and God’s love. Success isn’t measured in how much money you have. It’s achieving a goal, and moving on to the next goal. Good luck and God bless!
Peace. Love. Roll Tide.


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