Southern Beginnings

Where to start? The beginning is as good a place as any. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a simple man, one of whom Lynard Skynard would be proud. A Southern man, you could definitely call me. I still say grace and “yes ma’am” and “no sir”. I love SEC football, Jesus, America, and good music.

Now, when I say good music, I don’t want you to get confused with what the radio says is good music. There’s not a lot of good music being put out these days. I feel like I should have grown up in the late 60’s and 70’s. Some of the best songs and bands in the history of music had their heyday during that time: Led Zeppelin, the aforementioned Skynard, The Eagles, and Queen (even though they’re British). Why did everything have to change? Where did we go wrong? I guess there were a few too many free spirits during that time who grew up to raise punk kids, who grew up to birth kids and then not spend any time raising them.

I’m not blaming every parent of that era. My parents grew up during that time period, and they raised an amazing child, as well as my sister (just kidding, Blair!). But in all seriousness, parents stopped being parents and started trying to be friends to their kids. “How does that turn out?”, one might ask. I’ll tell you how.

I taught in the public school system for the past four years. I’ve seen firsthand this current generation of young people. I, as a teacher, was expected to teach them manners, right from wrong, morals, and, somewhere in spare minutes, grammar, reading, and writing. The young people, in general, are rude and disrespectful. They hate to be corrected because they think they know it all. They don’t understand that adults could possibly want to help them become better people.

I remember being their age. I remember thinking my parents were so mean to me, so unfair. I remember saying, “I’ll never treat my kids that way.” Now I’m married and will start a family soon, and when I do, I hope I treat my children EXACTLY the way my parents treated me. Teenagers, when your parents bug you about where you’re going and who you’ll be with and what you’ll be doing, it’s because they care. They made mistakes when they were your age, and they don’t want you to repeat them. LISTEN TO THEM!! Parents, when your children act differently or tell you they have problems, they are reaching out for help. LISTEN TO THEM!!

I want my children to be productive members of society who respect others and have good character. I can’t stand parents who won’t spank their kids. “It’s abusive!” No, it isn’t, if it’s done for correction instead of anger. My parents spanked me when I was a kid, and do you know what mental illness I contracted? Respect, both for myself and for others.

If you enjoyed this rant, let me know. There will be others, though hopefully more subdued. If you did not enjoy this rant, let me know. I’m grown up enough to take criticism. I welcome the assistance; however, let’s try and keep the comments positive. Name calling doesn’t help anyone.

I love y’all. Even those of you I’ve never met nor will ever meet, I love y’all.

Peace. Love. Roll Tide.


2 thoughts on “Southern Beginnings

  1. The Laughable Cheese says:

    yes definitely. I am a mother and have been learning a lot in the process. But one of the things I have found out is that children need healthy boundaries and actually thrive with them.

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